One Week

We're heartbroken and reeling. Parker's gone, but we're still here.

It's been one week since we lost our beautiful boy, Parker Bryan Allain.

We’ve been asking everyone to please keep us in your prayers as the sadness is almost unbearable at times. What is getting us through is your prayers, the love of friends and family, our faith in God, and the knowledge that while his death was tragic, his life was anything but.


We knew it. Everyone knew it. Honestly, I think he knew it, too. And he was in the best season of his life, thriving in almost every way.

Despite how crushed we all are, we honored him so well on Wednesday at his service, and that is not going to stop. I miss my buddy so much. Erica, Kylie, and I are completely heartbroken and we know so many of you are, too.

I'm sure I will share more later, including all the kind words said about him at his service, but for now please remember us in your prayers.

Whether you are friends of ours who already knew about this loss or you’re just now hearing it, please know this: Parker was full of love and joy and kindness. He loved all of us so well, and he knew he was loved by God and all of us. We can all only hope we live such a life in the days God has given us.

We miss you so much P-Man, can’t wait to see you again.